Saturday, August 25, 2007

the deathly hellos...

Reader!! I return! and how...

Not just with any bindaas one liners this time, but with real life online communicative experiences.. these are the experiences which make u realize that no one is really alone in this wide world... I use my favourite pgw-ism here, you try and get a birds' eye view of the proceeding, even though, by no stretch of imagnation are you, a bird. But let me not get carried away with the joy of returning to the blogboard...

A few years back, just new to orkut, you could find me sitting quite jobless at home, during the days of my educated unemployment, waiting for a call from the consulting company which had selected me on campus. Those were the days when the sole purpose in a man's life was to start adding as many 'friends' as he could, the higher the small number in brackets
below your name, the more fruitful your day was... Well, by some sleight of mouse or twist of key, I came across this bird, who I shall name Mj.

It has been a good three years now since those times, sole purposes in life have changed in priority, however, a revival of old contact have given occasion for self to roll over in peals of laughter, somewhat like christmas occurring across the world, every second merrily ringing in Xmas in a new time zone... basically the peals go on and on; and thus did I laugh... for a whole bally day, until it was time to pack up and go home...

Mj is an ace at playing on words, and I cannot explain how happy I was to find a character as passionate about punning as I am, or as I have yearned to be in recent times...Let me recount the experiences...

self: halloa! And the hi's begin to flow again!

oye!!! There you are!! I was actually going to ping you, esp considering we're in Potter season :-D. How've you been? Watched The Order of the Phoenix? :-)

self: arre not yet... i was supposed to catch it on saturday, but something happened :) i want to see this so badlee! what with it being the best potter movie so far and all that... :)

Mj: "badlee" - is that like the Nasal Man's "Moviee" ??? :-D. I'm waiting impatiently for the book - I pre-booked it, so it's supposed to be delivered today.. it still hasn't turned up!

-------------------note the being gentle on that one there :)

Mj : Hey I finished reading Deathly Hallows last night.. but I guess Goblet still remains my favourite!

self: whola the goblet! my favourite remains the arizona of prizkaban.. i mean... the azkaban thingie.. the third book... that was the most interesting one... :)
In the course of book 7 i somehow got the feeling that rowling was getting a little old and rambling on and on, making incoherent sentences... or i guess i was falling asleep over tha book... heh..
finished it last night too... but seriously.. Albus Severus Potter??!? that was a laugh~~!!!

Mj: heheh seriously, she went too far with that epilogue stuff.. .she should've quit while she was ahead... altogether it was too soppy and movie-ish and I'm really rather sick of the Weasleys, esp! :-p.

------- fun resumes...
Mj: Hallow, Hallow!!! ;o) How go things??? :-)

self: things go well... i was just wondering.. if voldemort called harry up on the phone and threatened to kill him, the book would have been called 'Harry Potter and the deathly hellos' no?

Mj: heh abs!! That is, if The Noseless One knew how to use the felly-tone :-).

self: indeed... 'the noseless one always knows; irrespective of whether he knows less or nose more' :)

Mj: har har har!! (or harry harry harry -whatever :-p) Brilliant!! :-).

self: one needs to harry up with the scraps these days eh?
oh, guess what happened to voldemort when all his horcruxes were gone? he was a little harried.. sorry, can't help it :)

Mj: Heh, come on now, be sirius, will ya?!! :-D

self: This black family... do you think they were into family planning? I mean they were all happy and gay then suddenly with the birth of their second son, they got serious...

Mj: Oh well, I don't give a Figg about the Blacks.. :-p

self: hehehe... your puns are giving me an inferi-ority complex...

Mj: :-))) now, now, no need to get crabbe-y over this..

self: Don't snap(e) at me like that...

Mj: No No, I'm not... we're good Firenze after all, how could *I* snap(e) at you? :-D

self: LOL!!! I see orkut is err.. umm-bridging the gap between us...

Mj: Brilliant!!!! :)) This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship, to paraphrase the Boggart ;o) (in Casablanca!)

self: yesh yesh!! and if we should ever face hiccups, we could always gargoyle... (couldn't help)

---------Then orkut did its bad bad server donut thingie, and we carried on using other means:

Hmmm, can't access Orkut suddenly.. the proxy I'm using at office is acting up..
PS : Why the sobriquet "apache'ed blak and silver"???

Hi M,
Thats because i bought the bike.. apache, and am quietly kicked about the purchase :)
By the w. i am scheduled to visit your current hometown this weekend... visiting blood relatives... **grin**

That's cool... we ought to try and meet up... but if you're only down
for the weekend, you'll probably be busy with ze b. rel.s :-)
Anyway, ping me if poss!
M(-press of Blandings ;-p )

Ar.. we certainly ought to. Will try and ping...
must mention that the scrapping today has been quite capital, yes indeed...
so long!

Yes indeed! A total fleur-y of scraps!
One of us ought to collect the whole set and put it up on a blog or
something :-)
So long!

indeed! i understand the feeling of just having to say it, for that there is no cure :) I sincerely hope there is nothing that can severus from punning at each other :-/

*grin grin* abso-blooming-lutely...we shall percy-vere, and continue punning till the
Kaus come home :-))) ;o)
-----** for the reader: I'm Kauz, by the way :)

of kauz we shall... upun my word..
let it flow!! :o)))
** ze lack of zis punning scrappa vill eventuvally get on mi-nerva and driev me krazee, and my sanity will soon krum-ble... **


well, one has to draw a line somewhere, and i just did, just above this sentence here :) The puns still continue... may the tenacity never slackenn... !!

Hey Mj, your turn now!! :P


Empress of Blandings said...

Capital capital!!! :-)
And I linked it to mine:

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